Public Relations

At OTM we are committed to transparent and compliant communication in our efforts to collaborate with media outlets across the UK, Europe, and the USA. Our PR section is a dedicated space that adheres to regional regulations while showcasing our brand's journey, values, and achievements.

Our Story:
Explore the rich narrative behind OTM, where our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship is woven into every fabric. Discover our brand's evolution, from inception to our current standing as a frontrunner in the fashion industry.

Press Releases:
Stay informed about our brand's latest developments, launches, and partnerships. Our press releases adhere to regulatory guidelines, offering clear and accurate information about our initiatives and contributions within the fashion landscape.

Media Coverage:
Browse through the authentic coverage of our brand in various media outlets. We ensure that all media representations align with our values and are compliant with the regulatory standards of the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Awards & Recognitions:
Explore the accolades that highlight our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and ethical practices. All awards and recognitions are obtained through transparent and compliant means, reflecting our dedication to industry-leading standards.

Community & Social Impact:
Learn about our community engagement and sustainability efforts. We prioritize compliance with regional regulations in our social impact initiatives, ensuring alignment with local laws and ethical standards.

Brand Ambassadors & Collaborations:
Meet the individuals and collaborators who align with our brand ethos. Our partnerships and brand ambassador programs are conducted in accordance with UK, European, and US regulations, fostering authentic connections within the fashion industry.

At OTM, we prioritize integrity and transparency in all our communications, striving to comply with regulatory standards while sharing our brand's values and contributions.

For press inquiries, collaborations, or further information, please reach out to us at We ensure that all communications and collaborations are conducted in adherence with regional regulations.